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  • It's been many years, we all have heard the term called as "Vaastu Shastra", but do we really understand the meaning of this term?
  • Vaastu Shastra, commonly called as the Science of architecture. The term is well known for making one's life and better and positive. It makes a person optimistic and provides immense peace and concord. It is closely associated with your home interiors and it has defined certain rules and Principles for the Home interiors and if these rules are followed properly, it will eventually show you a path of success, welfare and well being in return.
  • Introducing few tips that should be followed while considering the Interior Design of your home as per the Vaastu Shastra:

Main Door

  • The Direction must be North-East facing.
  • It's width should be more in comparison to other doors of the house.
  • There should not be any big tree placed in front of the main entrance door as it will leads to darkness and it will hide all the good vibrations to enter into the house.

Master Bed Room

  • As per the Vaastu shastra, the master bedroom should be placed in the West, South or the South-West direction with reference to the position of a house.
  • There should be a proper distance in between the bed room and the dressing table.
  • Your head must be placed in the South, West or the East Direction while sleeping.
  • One must avoid sleeping in the North direction. There is a scientific reason behind this particular point as the magnetic field lines travel from the North direction to the South direction so there is some kind of heaviness created in the North direction which leads to certain problems such as mental illness, bad dreams, etc. So it is recommended not to sleep in the North direction.


  • The Direction selected for the Kitchen area must be South-East facing.
  • Coming to the Windows and the door Part, it is recommended to occupy the East direction for the windows and North-East for the door.


  • One must follow up the East direction for the construction of bathroom area.
  • The North-East direction is recommended for the set up of Drainage System.
  • The Toilet seat should be placed in the West or the North-West direction of the area.

Puja Room

  • As the Vaastu Shastra, the North-East Direction is suggested for Worshipping as the major reason behind this point is that it directly receives the Sun's Positive rays.
  • It should be constructed in the North-East direction with reference to the bed room.

Dining Room

  • The Directions recommended for the Dining room is the East, South or the West with reference to the house.
  • One can construct it either as an independent room or in continuation with the Kitchen area.

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